Introducing FAX2.0 - Secure Cloud-Based Messaging Solution

FAX2.0 uses our advanced integrated messaging platform Passport 4000 to put all your fax communications over the internet. The entire system is available as a cloud service or on site as preferred.

The Passport4000 is one of the most robust messaging solutions on the market. Imagine having the power of the Passport4000 to integrate all your document delivery needs into one compliant, scalable and cost effective solution.

As a cloud based service, the Passport4000 gives you a completely integrated message management solution simplifying the daunting task of effectively communicating with the people who matter most – your customers and colleagues.

FAX2.0 Cloud Based messaging solution


Simple and convenient cloud based fax and critical messaging service accessed securely over the internet. All the benefits and cost-savings of a market leading, tried and tested Cloud based Fax platform. Imagine enjoying the traditional benefits of Fax:

  • Point to point
  • Secure
  • Transmission and delivery receipts for compliance

How Does It Work?

FAX2.0 uses our advanced integrated messaging platform Passport4000 to put all your fax communications securely over the internet.  The entire system is available as a cloud service or on-site as preferred.

FAX2.0 enables a reduction or elimination of the use of PSTN lines and ports, and on-site server and software maintenance.  Whilst increasing compliance with a comprehensive end-to-end digital audit trail and message archives.

About Lane Telecommunications

Lane is a dedicated provider of integrated messaging solutions within Healthcare, Banking and Commercial markets.

Lane is an ISO9001 accredited company founded in 1976 in the US, with offices now located in US, Singapore and the UK. Our customised messaging solutions operate globally in all sectors, encompassing products endorsed by the UK Department of Health under its Interoperability Tool Kit (ITK) Standards.

Our systems are at the forefront of messaging communications; we are recognised internationally as a leader in messaging and fax integration across financial, healthcare and government bodies. Lane has a strong track record in implementing systems across 50 countries, providing professional services, in all time zones. With our unrivalled breadth of knowledge and experience, we develop systems for every type of organisation, from the largest financial institutions through healthcare companies and other public and private enterprises.


Is FAX2.0 Secure?
Yes! Fully secure with end-to-end encryption. It also has increased and simplified compliance with a consolidated communications platform and all confirmations, (audit trail), stored in one place.
How fast is FAX2.0?
FAX2.0 offers faster transmission of faxes – instantaneous when sending to other FAX0 recipients. It also offers reliable transmission of Faxes, (no drop outs or re-starts, guaranteed message integrity).

Is FAX2.0 reliable?
FAX2.0 is a robust platform and offers reliable transmission of Faxes, (no drop outs or re-starts, guaranteed message integrity). It also has built-in scalability, disaster recovery and business continuity.
Is FAX2.0 cost effective?
Absolutely. It offers the elimination of a PSTN supplier, PSTN fax ports and on site software hosting. There are no PSTN call charges and no PSTN equipment. It eliminates the associated PSTN maintenance overhead – internal time and expense.
What maintenance is required?
None. With a cloud-based solution , there is no more software obsolescence, maintenance and updates to worry about. Always enjoy the latest version of technology and immediately benefit from security and efficiency enhancements. In addition there is no single point of failure.

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