Lane Telecommunications acquired by former CEO Dave Bullock

Lane Telecommunications have officially announced that Dave Bullock, former CEO of the group, has acquired 100% ownership of the company. This follows the immediate departure of Roland Voelker and Russel Fincham who are both moving on to pursue new opportunities away from the Lane group.

Lane Telecommunications, an ISO9001 accredited company specialising in integrated messaging solutions within the Healthcare, Banking and Commercial markets was founded in the US in 1976. Now operating globally, Lane Telecommunications has offices in the USA, Singapore and the UK and has developed and implemented customised information delivery systems to global clients across 50 countries, working within all time zones.

The company’s vision is to provide, lead and implement innovative and ground-breaking solutions for global customers, developing interoperability that puts Lane at the forefront of enterprise communications.

Given that the company’s short to medium term finances are secure and there is no external debt there is substantial opportunity to invest in the long term development and growth of the company. Innovation is a key focus for Dave and is an area he actively intends to pursue, to bring new products and solutions into the company’s service offering. As Dave looks to an exciting future for Lane, he guarantees that:

“Immense effort will now be put in place and we will be completely focused on a revised and updated strategy that will deliver the growth of opportunities required to secure the future of the company”.

Dave, along with the same dedicated staff team who were at Lane when he left back in 2014 aim to, continue exceeding client expectations by applying robust and tailored solutions in the design and on-going support of interoperability, creating real-time tangible benefits for their clients.

The Lane team prides itself on the continued support provided to its clients’, which includes deployment, training and 24/7 managed and / or maintenance support. In addition, they will make the development of new systems and applications a primary objective to suit client operations and to meet their compliance and security demands.

The company has great potential under the leadership of Dave who with over 20 years’ experience in Information Technology first joined Lane Telecommunications back in January 2000 as Group Product Manager. He later progressed to General Manager and more recently Chief Executive Officer. With a strong background in Technology, Dave leads on Product Strategy as well the operational functions of the business.

Dave returns to Lane with extensive knowledge and experience of customised messaging solutions and the on-going issues faced by Lane’s clients. He has great relationships with the staff team as well as Lane’s client’s and he is confident in the successful development and growth of this fruitful company.

For more details please contact us on +44 (0) 1256 301550 or via the Contact Us email page.


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Lane is a Dedicated Provider of Integrated Messaging Solutions

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We pride ourselves on developing systems and applications for our clients which suit their method of operation and meet all compliance and security demands.

Our mission is to continue to support their requirements as their businesses evolve, providing deployment, training and 24/7 managed and/or maintenance support.


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