ATA Connector

ATA Connector

Secure Analogue Fax Communications with the FAX2.0 ATA Connector.

The FAX2.0 ATA connecter offers a simple, plug-and-play device that allows any organisation to connect traditional analogue fax machines to the FAX2.0 digital fax networks.

FAX2.0 is a secure cloud based data solution for fast, reliable and cost-effective fax communications. Imagine having the power to integrate your analogue fax machines to the Lane’s FAX2.0 solution to integrate all your document delivery needs into one compliant, scalable and cost effective solution.

FAX2.0 uses our advanced integrated messaging platform Passport 4000 to put all your fax communications over the internet instead of the PSTN. 

This allows organizations to leverage existing IT infrastructure and eliminate the cost and maintenance of fax lines. The entire system is available as a cloud service or on site as preferred.

The FAX2.0 ATA connector simplifies the transition to digital infrastructure without adding complexity and ongoing maintenance. It is also transparent to users, so no training is required to send and receive high speed, secure faxes.

The FAX2.0 is simple to set-up with its plug-and-play configuration and works with all fax machines and fax-enabled devices.

The FAX2.0 ATA connector provides high levels of security and end-to-end encryption. This ensures secure data and document transmissions and reliability without compromising security. This allows data-sensitive enterprises to integrate remote fax machines from various locations into their own private, secure fax network.

The FAX2.0 solution leverages a vast array of virtual ports, making them available to send and receive high volumes of fax transmissions while removing the need for costly telephony infrastructure.

The ability to integrate with our API to enable your fax  applications, multi-function devices and fax machines to allow fast and easy configuration and deployment.

Product Features

  • Easily connects Fax Machines to any fax solution, including premise or cloud-based
  • Extends traditional fax machines to the cloud
  • Plug-and-play configuration
  • Never busy in-bound
  • Works with all fax machines and fax-enabled devices
  • Provides high levels of security and end-to-end encryption
  • 2 ports support fax machines and Multi Function Printers
  • Secure HTTPS connections with user PIN activation
  • Real-time fax streaming between the Fax ATA and the Fax Connector software


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