FAX2.0 Benefits

FAX2.0 at a Glance.

Simple and convenient cloud based fax and critical messaging service accessed securely over the internet.

All the benefits and cost-savings of a market leading, tried and tested Cloud based Fax platform. Imagine enjoying the traditional benefits of Fax:

  • Point to point
  • Secure
  • Transmission and delivery receipts for compliance.

Outstanding performance and fully secure

  • Increased and simplified compliance with a consolidated communications platform and all confirmations, (audit trail), stored in one place.
  • Faster transmission of faxes – instantaneous when sending to other FAX0 recipients.
  • Reliable transmission of Faxes, (no drop outs or re-starts, guaranteed message integrity).
  • Versatile, any input to any output format. (e.g. Fax, email, application data etc.).
  • Security – fully encrypted and secure
Eliminate or drive down costs
  • Elimination of PSTN supplier, PSTN fax ports and on site software hosting.
  • No PSTN call charges. No PSTN equipment.
  • Elimination of associated PSTN maintenance overhead – internal time and expense.
  • Highly flexible, easy to scale up or down as required and more convenient than ever
Convenient & flexible
  • Enjoy the benefits and convenience of a professional single communications supplier.
  • Consolidation of fax and other critical messaging systems.
  • The option to offer your clients (fax recipients) a virtual fax machine using the same system – in order to receive encrypted electronic faxes.
Latest Cloud-based technology
  • No more software obsolescence, maintenance and updates to worry about. Always enjoy the latest version of technology and immediately benefit from security and efficiency enhancements.
  • No single point of failure.
  • Built-in scalability, disaster recovery and business continuity.


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Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

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